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Verify Your OCM Ownership

Getting your OCM token(s)/asset(s) verified on OCM Discord is important. This step identifies your membership in the OCM community to gain access to OCM holder-only content, events and giveaways/contests. As a Verified OCM holder, you can also help shape OCM's roadmap and help put our core !RISE values into action.
Becoming a Verified OCM Holder is easy - just a few steps between the OCM website and the OCM Discord server #✅get-holder-roles channel.
  1. 1.
    • IMPORTANT: Your wallet (holding your Genesis and/or Karma tokens) and Discord account must be connected. If you have multiple Genesis and/or Karma tokens held in more than one wallet, please connect your multiple wallets.
  2. 2.
    Head to the OCM Discord server #✅get-holder-roles channel, and click on the Give me roles! button.
  3. 3.
    Confirm your OCM ownership is verified:
    • Your username will change color from white/grey to an OCM Holder Role-specific color (see OCM Holder Roles).
    • Click on your Discord username. Under Roles, you will see a Verified role, AND a new OCM Holder Role based on the number of OCM tokens you hold.
  • Verification and Discord OCM holder role updates may take up to 24 hours.
  • Need help? Post your questions in Discord #❔ask-for-help channel. Our team is here to help
  • Tag @Moderator directly in any Discord channel with questions, especially on inappropriate or suspicious Discord activity, DMs or links.
Many community members expressed concerns with connecting to Collab.Land. We heard you. As of Nov. 18, 2022, token verification in Discord will no longer use Collab.Land. Discord holder roles will now be assigned by connecting to the OCM website and going to the #✅get-holder-roles channel.
  • If you connected your accounts to the OCM website previously, prior to Nov. 18, 2022, you're all set.
  • If you have not connected your wallet AND Discord accounts to the OCM website previously, please complete the steps above to receive your Discord holder roles.
Please always refer to official links when connecting your accounts. Official OCM links are posted in Discord #official-links, Twitter @OnChainMonkey, OCM Linktree and OCM website. If the links do not match exactly, please do NOT proceed further with those links or your wallet sign-on. Tag @Mod in Discord for assistance.