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What are OCM Bananas?

🍌 Bananas are the currency of the OCM Monkeyverse and community. 🍌 Bananas are currently off-chain, and attached to your Discord account. 🍌 Bananas are an exclusive benefit to OCM holders.
Once you are a verified OCM holder in Discord, you will be able to access Bananas on Discord in the #🍌offchain-bananas channel and interact with the BananaBot to earn, give, send and track your banana balance. Connect your accounts to the OCM Monkeyverse website to earn Bananas on Twitter, and make use of your Banana benefits.
  • Sep. 18, 2021 - Bananas on Discord, where bananas were first given out in the nascent Monkeyverse as the fungible token of our community.
  • Apr. 2022 - Bananas on Twitter

What is give-to-earn?

Axie Infinity and others have demonstrated the power of "play-to-earn" - allowing players to make a living participating in a game. "Earn-to-give" is another model focused on pursuing high earning careers to then have money to give in the future.
OCM is experimenting with a new model we call "give to earn". This is a combination of "play to earn" and "earn to give". OCM wants to create opportunities where earning and giving reinforce each other. Bananas is one way we are experimenting with this philosophy.

How can I earn and use Bananas?

There are many ways to earn a banana, or a bunch:
New for Feb. 14 - Mar. 14: Bonus Bananas for OCM Twitter PFP
Banana earning multiplier is here! Download your OCM PFP >
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Bananas! Learn more here >​
OCM is continuously developing utility around Bananas for verified OCM holders, here's a list of benefits we've been experimenting with:
Make sure to connect your accounts to the OCM website to earn, give, use and access all of your holder-exclusive Banana utility on Discord, Twitter and in the Monkeyverse.

Where are my Bananas stored?

Bananas are currently off-chain and live on OCM Discord. They are attached to your Discord username + ID.

Benefits of OCM Bananas

Some Banana utility that we've been experimenting with:
  • participate in community events like:
  • purchase allowlist spots to upcoming mints
  • bid on auctioned VIP NASCAR pit passes to attend exclusive backstage events and watch a NASCAR race from the racing pits
More utility to come for the community, and some even created by the community - like #box-breaks. Explore the All Things Bananas category in Discord to find new ways to use bananas, and possibly win some too.
Previous banana uses:
  • purchase virtual OCM caps in exchange for IRL OCM hats 🧢 (merch)
  • purchase of signed copies of "The Cryptopians" by Laura Shin, and "The Cold Start" by Andrew Chen
  • vote on social causes to fund 🌎 🐋 🌱
  • purchase Early Claim Tickets 🎟 for early Dessert eating and Karma claim access
Stay tuned for more Banana developments! Have fun earning and sending bananas to fellow monkeys on Discord and Twitter!

More Ways to Earn & Use OCM Bananas

As a verified OCM holder, there are many ways to earn a banana 🍌 or a bunch. ▫️ Give-to-Earn and !RISE Bananas on Twitter ▫️ BananaBot /give-to-earn and !RISE commands in #🍌offchain-bananas channel ▫️ Make a new OCM monkey buddy! Find a /give-to-earn partner. ▫️ Send bananas to a monkey fren through #🍌offchain-bananas using the /send-banana command ▫️ Work for bananas #jobs-for-bananas. ▫️ Make trades for bananas in #banana-trading ▫️ Have fun in upcoming Banana giveaway events! You'll also find the OCM fam is always happy to share a banana (or two) 🍌❤️

Why can't I earn or use my Bananas?

The ability to give-to-earn or use Bananas is reserved to verified OCM holders only.
Access, collection and interaction with Bananas via the OCM website, BananaBot in #🍌offchain-bananas and Bananas on Twitter is limited to verified OCM holders.
If your OCM holder status changes, your Bananas will remain attached to your Discord username + ID. You will only be able to view your Banana balance on the OCM website by connecting your Discord account.

Are Twitter Bananas and Discord Bananas different?

Same OCM Bananas, but twice the number of platforms to earn and receive them. Bananas you earn on Twitter and from Discord #🍌 offchain-bananas are accumulated in one Banana Balance and tied to your Discord username ID and usable as an exclusive OCM ownership benefit. The only difference between Twitter Bananas and Discord Bananas is their individual Banana-earning cooldown or wait periods.

How often can I earn Bananas on Twitter and on Discord?

!RISE and give-to-earn each have individual Banana-earning cooldown or wait times on each of the social media platforms:
​OCM Holder Role​
Twitter !RISE / Give-to-Earn Cooldown
Discord #offchain-bananas !RISE / Give-to-Earn Cooldown
24 hours
24 hours
OnChainMonkey [1-4 Genesis]
12 hours
24 hours
OnChainTroop [5-9 Genesis]
10 hours
24 hours
OnChainBoss [10-19 Genesis]
8 hours
24 hours
OnChainKing [20+ Genesis]
6 hours
24 hours
Cooldown/Wait period for Bananas on Twitter varies by the number of Genesis you own.
In other words, there are four separate timers: Twitter !RISE, Twitter give-to-earn, Discord !RISE and Discord give-to-earn. Find these timers and their wait countdown periods in OCM Discord #offchain-bananas: