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Bananas in Discord #offchain-bananas BananaBot

BananaBot works exclusively in the OCM monkey holder #🍌offchain-bananas channel, and works hard 24/7 to distribute the fresh bananas you've earned daily, keep your banana collection safe, and help send your banana gifts to lucky, fellow OCM monkeys.

BananaBot Commands

  • /give-to-earn - Every 24 hours, you can earn 2 bananas, one for yourself and another to gift to a fellow monkey.
  • /send-banana - Tells BananaBot to give 1 or more of your bananas to a lucky monkey
  • !RISE - Every 24 hours, you can earn a !RISE banana 🍌 when you're part of a !RISE chain.
    • OCMs began on-chain. Be sure to !RISE soon after a fellow monkey's !RISE command to continue the !RISE chain and receive a banana. BananaBot believes in !RISE-ing together!
    • TIP: !RISE is a little tricky. See below for tips on earning a banana from your !RISE.
  • /bananas - Displays your banana balance for the Discord username logged in
  • On a mobile device: Type / to call BananaBot, then tap the required field prompt before entering a value.
  • On a desktop: Type / to call BananaBot, then select a BananaBot command from the suggested list and press [Tab] to enter each of the required fields.
  • BananaBot doesn’t listen when commands are typed in full. It prefers receiving commands and fields as selections from the suggested list.
  • BananaBot is particular about case, especially when it comes to our core OCM values, !RISE.
The BananaBot Shop in #offchain-bananas has permanently relocated to the OCM website. Visit the OCM Merch Store and make purchases using bananas 🍌

How often can I earn Bananas on Discord?

​OCM Holder Role​
Twitter !RISE / Give-to-Earn Cooldown
Discord #offchain-bananas !RISE / Give-to-Earn Cooldown
24 hours
24 hours
OnChainMonkey [1-4 Genesis]
12 hours
24 hours
OnChainTroop [5-9 Genesis]
10 hours
24 hours
OnChainBoss [10-19 Genesis]
8 hours
24 hours
OnChainKing [20+ Genesis]
6 hours
24 hours

Accessing Bananas on Discord Cooldown Timers

In the #🍌 offchain-bananas channel, type:
  • !RISE - If you’re within your Discord !RISE wait period, BananaBot will return the number of hours to earning your next Discord !RISE Banana, e.g. "Too soon to rise: wait 23:44:53” (~24 hours). Outside of this window, you’ll earn a Discord !RISE Banana.
  • /give-to-earn receiving-user … - If you’re within your Discord give-to-earn wait period, BananaBot will return the number of hours to earning your next Discord give-to-earn Banana, e.g. "Too soon to rise: wait 23:44:53” (~24 hours). Outside of this window, you’ll be able to give a Banana to your specified receiving-user, and earn one too.

BananaBot Command Examples

If fellow OCM holder ‘GoodMonkey’ used the BananaBot in #🍌offchain-bananas channel: /give-to-earn receiving-user:@HappyMonkey
>> BananaBot: GoodMonkey earned 1 banana, gave 1 banana to @HappyMonkey
/send-banana amount: 1 receiving-user: @HappyMonkey message: Hand-picked for you! 🏷️ Add a message to go along with your banana gift. 🎁
>> BananaBot: GoodMonkey sent @HappyMonkey 1 banana >> BananaBot: Hand-picked for you!
>> BananaBot: GoodMonkey you have 10 bananas
>> BananaBot: Respect 🙏 >> BananaBot: Integrity 🌟 >> BananaBot: Sustainability 🌱 >> BananaBot: Experimentation 🧬 If GoodMonkey's banana balance before !RISE-ing was 9 bananas, then after the !RISE command, it'll be 10 bananas.
Earning a !RISE banana is a little tricky. !RISE needs to be a continuous chain, with each !RISE command typed by holders within 10 minutes of each other to earn a banana. To tell if a !RISE chain is happening or if you've earned a !RISE banana, see if BananaBot reacted to your !RISE command with a banana 🍌emoji.
Ex. Holder misskeeneye earned a !RISE banana, followed by holder humartin18 also earning one too.
Ex. Holder SLS did not earn a !RISE banana her as their !RISE commad was not part of a !RISE banana chain.
Our hope is you will have fun earning and giving bananas to other members of the OCM community! 🐵 Have fun monkeying with bananas 🍌 Be curious and experiment 🙃