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What is OCM DAO?

Building an Epic Monkeyverse Together
OCM is an amazing community of professionals, entrepreneurs, builders, creators and global citizens interested in making a real world impact and building through our core values.
Latest News: [Jan. 2023]
We're thrilled to have Julian Wahl on-board OCM DAO as our new OCM DAO Proposal Coordinator. His past experiences bootstrapping and working with DAOs is a valuable and exciting addition to the OCM DAO and our community.
The OCM DAO (“decentralized autonomous organization”) is a community fund that is managed by OCM NFT holders, rather than the Metagood team. The purpose of this fund is to leverage the power of the OCM community to grow and sustain efforts to “do well and do good” in the world. As OCM membership increases in number, value, and representation, the OCM DAO will become more resourced, diversified, and impactful across industries and outcomes.
Enjoy a summary of our first OCM DAO Demo Day for inspiration on the diversity of props completed through OCM DAO Prop House (PH) or Small Grants (SG) funding:

OCM DAO x Metagood

When it comes to supporting monkey business, the OCM DAO and Metagood play separate, but complementary roles. The OCM DAO supports grassroots, community-led initiatives that extend the OCM brand into new spheres of influence and push the limits of collective social impact. Metagood also builds the OCM brand, but is focused in areas where a central point of contact is more efficient or secure.
For example, the DAO may fund a project that extends the OCM brand into the VR/AR/XR space based on the unique talents and interests of token holders. This leverages the strengths of the decentralized community and doesn’t rely on central gatekeepers to source or sustain the idea. Metagood, on the other hand, may fund an IRL event for OCM holders and invite speakers that are part of the company’s investor network. This leverages the position of the company as a central, coordinating figure, and makes the planning process more cohesive and efficient.
In the early stages there will likely be overlap between the DAO and Metagood’s activities, but in the long term, the hope is that each plays a distinct and differentiated role in building the Monkeyverse.

Funding Sources

The OCM DAO has three sources of funding: primary and secondary sales of OCM NFTs and revenue from initiatives funded by the DAO. The OCM community wallet is publicly available; anyone can easily see how much ETH is currently in the DAO and every transaction in or out of it.

Primary Sales

The OCM Genesis collection was a free mint and, therefore, didn’t generate primary sales revenue. The OCM Dessert collection was a free airdrop to Genesis holders and also generated no primary sales revenue. Mint/Primary sales of theThe OCM Karma collection, however, generated 1,500 ETH in DAO funds, as 50% of all primary sales revenue was disbursed to the DAO.

Secondary Sales

The DAO is continually funded by royalties from secondary sales of OCM Genesis, Dessert, and Karma collections, with 50% of all royalties going to the OCM DAO. For every OCM NFT sold, given a 10% royalty fee, 5% goes to the OCM DAO and 5% goes to the Metagood team, and the rest goes to the seller (*less marketplace platform fees, which vary between markeplaces).
(OCM pie chart credit to community member, kramar#1286 | @0xKramar)

Project Revenue

In the future, the DAO will also benefit from continual funding from community projects that yield a return on investment. While the goal of the DAO is not to sponsor exclusively profitable ventures, the ability to generate revenue is an important consideration for the DAO to be sustainable as a whole.

Submitting Proposals

The OCM DAO is actively taking proposal submissions through three distinct channels: Small Grants, Prop House, and OCM Proposals. Each channel is designed to support initiatives of a different size and scope, allowing a wide range of proposals to get the requisite attention and consideration they deserve from OCM members.
Proposals are accepted in “seasons” (typically 3 months in duration) that have a distinct focus “theme”, provided by Metagood, align with our core values of !RISE (Respect, Integrity, Sustainability, Experimentation), and funding coming from the OCM DAO. This is a way to generate early discussion and momentum around initiatives with common goals and is subject to change as the DAO becomes more self-sufficient. Explore the current status of each season and check for open submission timeframes.
OCM DAO Proposal Submission Channels: Small Grants, Prop House and OCM Proposals

Small Grants (SG)

The goal of the Small Grants is to provide swift support for community initiatives that don’t need a full OCM Community membership vote. This is the channel with the lowest proposal “requirements” and the fastest approval time, and handles requests too small or time-sensitive for Prop House - such as local gatherings, events or brand building experiments, retroactive awards for outstanding contributions, expense reimbursements, etc.
The OCM Small Grants Committee (SGC) is a small, trusted group of four (4) community members elected by the community, plus one (1) Metagood team representative, who serve as volunteer representatives and dispense the flexible pool of small grant funding each season.
  • 0.1 - 2 ETH per proposal, X ETH total per month or season (i.e. 20 ETH in S1)
  • A small, community-elected committee (SGC) approves proposals
  • Intended for immediate and uncomplicated aid in community building
Submit a request to Small Grants >> Proxy Chat (https://app.proxychat.xyz/) --> Keep up-to-date on communications with the Small Grants Committee there too.
  • Example of SG Request: meals/entertainment costs for an OCM IRL gathering in Los Angeles, monthly fees to support OCM community #poker-club play in ClubGG app

Prop House (PH)

Regular rounds of funding are awarded to pilots & experiments (called “Props”) that align most closely with each season’s theme. OCM holders vote for the top proposals to win the round and receive funds.
  • 1-10 ETH per proposal, X ETH total allocated per season (i.e. 50 ETH in S1)
  • Rounds of funding every N weeks (i.e. In S1, 1 week of public review, followed by 1 week for OCM community voting and round of PH funding dispensed to approved props.)
  • Intended to fund small, but promising projects that build OCM community and align closely with each season's theme.
  • Any ETH wallet can submit a proposal, but voting is limited to OCM Genesis and Karma NFT holders
Submit a prop to OCM Prop House >> https://prop.house/onchainmonkey
An excellent OCM Prop House Getting Started Guide by OCM community member and holder, Linear#0077 | @jtlin.eth.
  • Example of PH prop: proposal to design and manufacture OCM card decks

OCM Proposals

Made for major commitments to scale up big ideas, the full proposal category includes requests that have usually been piloted through a Prop first and require a highly involved process with more scrutiny. Intended to fund large-impact projects that build long-term value for the OCM community.
  • 10+ ETH per proposal, X ETH total allocated per season
  • Rounds in larger time increments, necessary for full review, iteration, vetting and holder voting on Snapshot with quorum requirements
  • Intended to fund large impact projects that build long-term value for OCM community
Submit an OCM Proposal (soon) >> OCM DAO Proposal Intake Form --> go to File --> Make a Copy and edit locally on your desktop
We will soon be acception OCM Proposals for review and voting. More details to come.
  • Example of OCM Proposal: launch of an entirely new NFT collection for OCM holders


  • Season 2 (S2) - "Building Out the Banana Economy" << started Feb. 2023
  • Season 1 (S1) - "OCM Branding & Community" (Aug. 1 - Oct. 31, 2022)
We are preparing to accept and fund Prop House (PH) and Small Grants (SG) proposals that meet the upcoming Season 2 "Building Out the Banana Economy" theme in the next coming weeks, Feb. 2023. Stay tuned on important Season 2 DAO dates and upcoming DAO news on OCM DAO Twitter.

OCM DAO Demo Day

Sunday Dec. 11, 2022 marked OCM’s first DAO Demo Day which featured 7 of the 46 props funded in Season 1 through Prop House (PH) or Small Grants (SG). These builders presented their completed products/projects to an audience that included our founders Chairman Bill Tai, CEO Danny Yang and COO Amanda Terry, OCM/Metagood investors, OCM community members and fellow DAO builders and enthusiasts. It was a resounding event of inspiration, motivation and positivity to building in Web3 through DAOs, OCM DAO and our community.
OCM DAO Season 1 Demo Day recording

Participating DAO Demo Day Props on Dec. 11, 2022

OCM DAO Channel
Prop Title
Funding Received
S1 R2
2.5 ETH
S1 R2
S1 R3
S1 R4
OCM Skatepark * (1 ETH from PH, and another 0.41 ETH from SG later for overages due to weather impacts on painting and renovations)
S1 R2
1.41 ETH
S1 R2