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OnChainMonkey (OCM) Genesis and Karma are your membership into the Monkeyverse where you have access to many benefits:
  • earning our Banana token
  • unlocking unique rewards from OCM Missions
  • participation in our 2,000 ETH+ OCM DAO
  • exclusive access to drops from our team & partners, like Memeland and (soon) Alexis André
  • Learn more about our OCM Membership Tiers >
OnChainMonkey (OCM) is a community of blockchain creators, founders of cryptocurrency exchanges, creators of metaverses, founders of block explorers, miners who secure a significant percentage of the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks, and many more.
🍌 We're empowering communities to be catalysts for positive impact 🍌 We're creating value for our community and the world. 🍌 We believe in doing well while doing good. Our core values are !RISE - Respect 🙏 Integrity 🌟 Sustainability 🌱 Experimentation 🧬
Our community of Genesis and Karma NFT holders also have special access to:
  • OCM Combinator Talks with world-renown experts of their fields - from crypto, business to athletes and celebrities
  • Virtual and in-person (in real life, IRL) community events - like private events with our notable community. Past events included those with Woody Harrelson, Owen Wilson, Charlie Lee, Deepak Chopra.
  • OCM Community metaverse areas
  • OCM merch
Be a part of OnChainMonkey Monkeyverse and the monkey business that is changing the world using the power of Web3 and NFTs. Get to know OCM -->