OnChainMonkey Wiki

OCM Holder Roles

In addition to your Verified member role, one of the following verified OCM holder roles will be assigned to your Discord username to identify your OCM ownership. OCM holder role assignment is based on the total number of OCM Genesis or Karma NFTs held across all wallets you have connected to the OCM Monkeyverse website.
Verified (white)
OCM Member (verified)
OnChainKing 🍌 (orange)
Genesis holder of 20+
OnChainBoss 🍌 (yellow)
Genesis holder of 10-19
OnChainTroop 🍌 (green)
Genesis holder of 5-9
OnChainMonkey 🍌 (blue)
Genesis holder of 1-4, all Genesis holders
Karma Royalty 🍌 (light orange)
Karma holder of 20+
Karma Boss 🍌 (light yellow)
Karma holder of 10-19
Karma Troop 🍌 (light green)
Karma holder of 5-9
Karma Monkey 🍌 (light blue)
Karma holder of 1-4, all Karma holders
  • OCM Discord moderators "Mod" are identified in red.
  • Metagood Team is in bright lime green.
  • Verification and Discord OCM holder role updates may take up to 24 hours.
  • Need help? Post your questions in Discord #❔ask-for-help channel. Our team is here to help
  • Tag @Moderator directly in any Discord channel with questions, especially on inappropriate or suspicious Discord activity, DMs or links.