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OCM Genesis

What is Genesis?

OnChainMonkey is the Genesis collection. OCM Genesis is a piece of history. It is the first on-chain PFP collection created in a single transaction.
Genesis is an on-chain NFT collection. This means, Genesis was "drawn" by smart contract code, and all the images and meta-data are on-chain and generated by the smart contract on the fly. Genesis is the first on-chain 10K profile pic (PFP) NFT collection completely created in a single Ethereum transaction.
Read the details of what makes OCM Genesis unique as an NFT:

What does the Genesis collection look like?

What are the benefits for holding a Genesis?

New for Q1 2023: More monkeys = more chances to win!
  • Hold an OCM Genesis and get a chance to mint the next major work by Alexis André, creator of Friendship Bracelets, on the the top traded NFTs on OpenSea (Tier 3).
  • Hold an OCM Set (a Genesis + any Incredible Karma K1 + any Divine Karma K2) and get a guaranteed mint spot (Tier 2).
Tiers for upcoming 2023 drop of OCM x Alexis André, creator of Friendship Bracelets: -- Tier 1: All mints are airdropped -- Tier 2: Highest mint allocation, guaranteed mint for each set -- Tier 3 and Tier 4: Lesser mint allocation with opportunity to win minting spots. -- Learn more about Alexis André >
Genesis and Karma are your passport to our digital nation where you have access to many benefits:
  • earning our Banana token
  • unlocking unique rewards from OCM Missions
  • participation in our 2,000 ETH+ OCM DAO
  • exclusive access to drops from our team & partners, like Memeland and (soon) Alexis André
  • Virtual and IRL community events - like private events with our notable community. Past events included those with Woody Harrelson, Owen Wilson, Charlie Lee, Deepak Chopra.

How can I get Genesis?

OCM Genesis was minted out on the day it launched, Sep. 11, 2021. The Genesis collection is only available on secondary marketplaces now.
Always refer to official project and collection marketplace links.
You can find our official OCM links posted on our website, official Twitter page and OCM Discord #official-linkschannel.

How was OCM launched?

OCM was also unique in the way it was launched. OCM Genesis was available as a free mint on mint night, Sep. 11, 2021. There was absolutely no marketing for it. Genesis was deployed by the single transaction without any fanfare and was spread simply by word of mouth. There was no Twitter account or Discord for OCM.
From word of mouth, OCM Genesis was completely minted in the first few hours, and a Discord server was created in response to user requests. Since then, the OCM community formed organically over the next few days and weeks. A community that believes in our values of RISE - respect, integrity, sustainability, and experimentation because these were the values we were born into.

How was the Genesis art created?

To be able to fit all the images into one transaction, the images could not be hand drawn as typically done, but had to be programmed and generated dynamically completely with code.
A detailed writeup on the creation of OCM Genesis: