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How to Eat Desserts and Claim Your Karma

For Genesis holders with Desserts:
  1. 1.
    Connect your accounts on the OCM website, and click on your account PFP in the top right.
2. In the My Account page and My Info section, click on the Eat Dessert button to begin feeding your Genesis a Dessert.
3. This will bring you to the Eat Dessert page. From the Select Genesis pull-down, select one of your Genesis to feed.
A Genesis can only eat a Dessert that is held in the same wallet. This Ethereum wallet must be connected to the OCM Monkeyverse website.
4. From the Choose Dessert pull-down, select the Dessert you’d like to feed your Genesis. The number beside the Dessert name is the number of Dessert tokens that your connected wallet holds.
5. Click Next.
  • As of Sep. 11, 2022, there is no need for a Dessert Credit or 0.03 ETH OCM DAO contribution requirement to feed your Genesis a Dessert.
  • Only gas fees to execute the transaction and burn your Dessert in the feeding process will be applied.
6. Click the Eat Dessert button to launch the Desserts Eating blockchain transaction.
7. Eating a Dessert will burn your selected Dessert.
  • You will need to sign the wallet transaction confirming the gas fee incurred in burning/eating your selected Dessert.
8. Once you’ve confirmed the Desserts Eating transaction, you’ll see an EATING window confirming the Dessert eating.
Please expect a 4-minute wait for the Ethereum blockchain to mine/complete the transaction, and our IPFS server to reveal your newly created/claimed Karma image.
9. Congratulations on claiming your Karma!
  • Your specified (eaten) Dessert will be burned.
  • Your Genesis will remain unchanged and held in your wallet.
  • Your Karma will be created/minted and dropped in your wallet.

Refreshing OpenSea Metadata

TIP: If your newly created/claimed Karma image does not display on OpenSea after 4 minutes, click the "Refresh Metadata" button for your Karma on OpenSea and refresh the page/URL.