OnChainMonkey Wiki

Basic NFT Safety Guidelines

🚨 Friendly reminder to be careful and mindful of potential security threats in the crypto space, like phishing attacks thru fake Collab.Land, direct messages (DMs) on Discord servers, fake project minting websites and fake MetaMask wallet connections.
🚨 Report any Discord server users you believe to be scammers or sending questionable links to a Metagood/OCM team member or an OCM Discord volunteer moderator @Mod and help keep the OCM family and greater NFT community safe.
Always refer to OnChainMonkey official links posted on our website, Twitter and Discord server channel #official-links. Ideally, check two sources in the event one of them (e.g. Discord) is compromised or hacked.


Phishing attempts are frequently sent as Discord direct messages, we recommend reducing your exposure by adjusting your Discord User Settings and Privacy & Safety settings:
  • Enabling Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Restricting direct messages
  • Restricting users from adding you as a friend


Minting of the OCM collection ended on Sep. 11, 2021 with all tokens/monkeys sold out. OCM is now only available on secondary NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and Nifty Gateway.
We recommend navigating to the OnChainMonkey collection on OpenSea through our official links, instead of searching for it on OpenSea. Unfortunately, there have been instances of copycat NFT collections with similar names coming up on OpenSea search results and linking unsuspecting buyers to fake NFT collections.
The OnChainMonkey collection on OpenSea is verified. It means that our collection has gone thru an OpenSea verification process (added layer of user-safety), and you’ll see a blue Verification Badge checkmark on our OpenSea collection page.


If MetaMask asks for your password or private key, make sure it is the real MetaMask and not a fake website.

Collab.Land Phishing Attack

When responding to Collab.Land, the link must match one of these three exactly:
  • api.collab.land
  • roll.collab.land
  • connect.collab.land
If it is different, a hacker could be attempting to steal your NFTs.