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OCM Missions

Fun never stops with each Mission. Complete a Mission and earn a variety of rewards - from OCM NFTs to mystery prize items used in future Missions.

Intro to Missions

The OCM Community is a strong network of fearless and pioneering monkeys who hope for a better future with ideas to share, and want to make our Web3 world better while making a positive real world impact.
We’re bringing Missions to the Monkeyverse!
Connect the ideas and stars of our Monkeyverse - from the OCM DAO, Bananas economy, OCM real-life (IRL) events, to Community Projects, OCM Merch Store, and ever-expanding OCM benefits. We’re connecting them through Missions to become journeys, stories, and innovations to make impactful Web3 and world changes together.
Let’s experiment. Let’s play. Let’s connect and work together in making a difference while earning rewards. You might just discover a surprise, a clue, or two. In fact, our Monkeyverse is just getting started. Let’s go on a Mission!

What is a Mission?

Missions are experiments and tasks, ranging from holding your monkey, voting in the OCM DAO, participating in a hackathon, to joining real-life conservation missions and discovering something new on the OCM website. Go on a Mission, and earn rewards.
We’re launching OCM Missions beginning with “The Lab” and its Lab 1 Mission.
Missions will only be supported from desktop login to the OCM website at launch.

How do Monkeys go on Missions?

1. Connect your accounts on the OCM website, and click on your account PFP in the top right.
2. Once logged in, navigate to My Account.
3. On the My Account page, scroll down to the Missions section, and click "Start Missions" button.
All of your accounts, including wallet(s) holding your Genesis and/or Karma token(s) must be connected for monkeys to go on Missions. The My Account > Missions section will display monkeys waiting to start their Missions or who are already on Missions for all Genesis and/or Karma tokens held in the connected wallet(s).
4. In the Start Mission popup, you have the flexibility to:
  • Start Missions in Bulk -- Launch multiple monkeys on their Missions.
  • Start Missions Individually -- By default, all monkeys are selected (pink border around image card) to start their Mission. Unselect monkeys to hold-off on starting their Mission. (Alternatively, navigate to the monkey's Information page to start Missions for a specific Genesis/Karma monkey. Refer to Step 6 below.)
Ex. Holder selecting to claim rewards for all 7 monkeys that completed Level 2.
  1. 5.
    Head back to the My Account page. The Missions section will refresh to display the total number of Genesis and/or Karma monkeys on Missions for your connected wallet(s).
  1. 6.
    Click on the Gallery pull-down header menu, and navigate to the Genesis Gallery or Karma Gallery page.
  2. 7.
    Search for and view a monkey's Information page by their Genesis/Karma token ID. On the Information page, you'll find: -- Genesis/Karma monkey image, its token ID # and its Monkey Level -- Mission name, including mission details and completion reward -- Mission progress and status
  1. 8.
    Click Start Mission to begin exploring missions, starting with Lab 1 Mission.
If "Start Mission" is not displayed, please review the mission details for mission start eligibility and ensure all your accounts are connected to the Monkeyverse.
The Mission Progress panel will reflect current mission progress and the time remaining for your monkey to claim the Reward. There is an hourly refresh of Mission Progress.

What happens when a monkey completes a Mission?

Monkeys gain experience by completing missions. This experience progressively increases the overall level of a monkey, signified by its Monkey Level.
When OCM Missions was launched in June 2022, all Genesis monkeys began at Monkey Level 0 and are leveling up by gaining experience through successful mission completions - starting with the first mission, Lab 1 Mission.
UPDATE: August 2022 - Karma monkeys can start their Lab 1 Mission!
Upon mission completion, rewards are made available to claim daily at 7am PT.
At mission completion:
  • Your monkey’s Reward Crate for the mission will be unlocked and displayed on its Information page.
  • Reward Crates are locked and tied to the monkey. After a monkey's successful mission completion, its Reward Crate can only be claimed and opened by the monkey (token) holder. When opened, the Rewards are transferred to the monkey (token) holder’s Eth wallet connected to the OCM website at the time of the claim. There is no deadline on Reward claims.
  • Completed missions add experience to your monkey’s overall Monkey Level and value.
locked Reward Crate
opened Reward Crate
  • Monkeys will automatically progress to the next Mission Stage at mission completion. For instance, successfully completing Lab 1 Mission will automatically move your monkey forward to Lab 2 Mission. It’s that easy!
Monkey Level 0 Started Lab 1 mission
---> Completed Lab 1 mission, level up from 0 to 1
Monkey Level 1 Started Lab 2 mission

What happens when a monkey fails a Mission?

If a monkey fails or aborts a mission that is in progress, the failed mission stage can be restarted. Simply click “Start Mission” for the failed mission to restart. A monkey can restart their failed Lab 2 Mission from the beginning, and still retain their Lab 1 Mission completion.


Rewards can range from pieces to a puzzle, or even a Genesis/Karma NFT! Rewards from one mission could be used in the next. … Start your missions. Claim your rewards!

Received a Mission Bot Part in your Reward Crate?

Be surprised with up to two of the five different bot parts in your Reward Crate - from Accessory Pack, Tread Pack, Shell Pack, and to a Pink or Teal Swag Pack. These Mission Bot Parts are currently off-chain items, but will become tradeable NFTs. When combined in a certain way, the parts can be used to create a utility-based NFT. Utility will vary, but Genesis and Karma holders will get the most utility.

Received a Genesis NFT or Karma NFT in your Reward Crate?

Congratulations on your lucky reward! The image displayed in your opened Reward Crate is a placeholder. Upon claiming your Reward, your Genesis/Karma reward placeholder will transfer to your connected Ethereum wallet. Reward Genesis/Karma monkeys will be randomly airdropped on a weekly basis to eligible wallets. Be on the lookout for your Genesis NFT or Karma NFT drop following your Rewards claim! Important: Starting 2023, in order to receive your OCM NFT reward, kindly reach out to [email protected] for the compliance form. Thank you!

How can I claim Rewards?

Reward Crates are locked and tied to the monkey. This means each Genesis and Karma monkey can claim one Reward Crate per completed Mission. Upon mission completion, rewards are made available to claim daily at 7am PT. Reward Crates can only be claimed and opened by the monkey (token) holder. When opened, the Rewards are transferred to the holder’s Ethereum wallet connected to the OCM website at the time of the claim and holding the monkey (token) in question. There is no deadline on Reward claims.
Rewards are stored off-chain similar to Bananas.

Why should I claim my monkey’s Reward?

Although there isn’t a deadline or expiry to opening Reward Crates, doing so will transfer your monkey’s reward to your connected Eth wallet account.
If a monkey is listed or transferred, any unopened Reward Crates tied to the monkey will follow the monkey. This means, any unopened Reward Crates for the monkey can be claimed by the buyer if the seller didn’t claim them prior to transferring ownership.
See all of your claimed Rewards in your My Account page.

How can I see other monkeys’ Levels?

Genesis and Karma monkey levels are public and visible from their respective Gallery pages, and individual monkey Information pages:
  1. 1.
    Navigate to the Genesis Gallery or Karma Gallery page.
2. Click on a monkey image, or search for the token ID of a specific monkey you are looking for.
3. On the monkey’s Information page, you'll find details of its Monkey Level, mission progress for their current Mission Stage, and locked/opened Reward Crates.
This Level 1 Genesis monkey is on Lab 2 Mission with 45 days remaining, opened their Lab 1 mission Reward Crate, and their Lab 2 mission Reward Crate will unlock in 45 days after successful mission completion.