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Metagood Moments

We are launching Metagood Moments, a collection where each NFT recognizes something good. The world needs many people to do good and we want to recognize those people who do the most good. Metagood Moments will start with the OCM community, recognizing good done by community members. Over time, MetaGood Moments will include more communities and recognize more good deeds.
The preliminary mechanics of Metagood Moments are anticipated to operate as follows. The smart contract that mints moments only allows a maximum of 1 moment minted per 24 hour period. If the Moment recognizes a specific community member, that person is awarded the Moment. If the Moment is of an event or broad category, then there will be a 24 hour auction for the Moment with the higher bidder winning the Moment and the funds going into the community pool.
Metagood Moments will be minted in a chain, combining the "DNA” of the previous Moment with the “DNA” of the winner. When another community deserves to be recognized with a Metagood Moment, then the chain can fork and a new line of Metagood Moments can be minted in the new community. The details are still being worked out.