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Welcome to the OnChainMonkey Community!
OCM is building a wealthy digital nation in Web3. Owning an OCM Genesis or Karma NFT is your passport and access to this wealthy nation. We seek to enrich our holders so they can make positive impacts for their families, communities, and the world. Now is the perfect time to join us.
!RISE represents our four core values: Respect

Get to Know the OCM Community

  • OnChainMonkey is founded by Web2/Web3 entrepreneurs, leaders, investors and crypto OGs - Danny Yang, Amanda Terry and Bill Tai.
  • Many builders and founders of Web3 companies are members of our team and OCM Community, which include the founders/creators/leaders of DuskBreakers, Angry Ape Army, ZenAcademy, CATC, Shonen Junk, Moonbirds, Memeland, Litecoin, Dapper Labs, OneOf, The Sandbox, Axie Infinity, YGG, the Ethereum Foundation, OneOf, Etherscan, Algorand, Chainlink, Second Life, Virgin Unite, Kabam, Twitch, Crunchyroll, Rotten Tomatoes, Blockchain, Sardine, Nike, Ledger, Animoca, and Hut 8. The list continues to grow! ⭐️ Enjoy hours of listening content featuring Web3 leaders in our community in OCM Combinator Talks!
  • Hop onto Discord #general and introduce yourself, "Hi, I'm new :)". You'll find the OCM community very welcoming and eager to chat OCM, Bananas, Missions, DAO, food, fitness and more.

OCM Membership Tiers

New for Q1 2023: More monkeys = more chances to win! Tiers for upcoming 2023 drop of OCM x Alexis André, creator of Friendship Bracelets: -- Tier 1: All mints are airdropped -- Tier 2: Highest mint allocation, guaranteed mint for each set -- Tier 3 and Tier 4: Lesser mint allocation with opportunity to win minting spots. -- Learn more about Alexis André >


OCM Genesis The historic NFT.
OCM Dessert To be eaten to create.
OCM Karma Amazing as ever art.
  • First groundbreaking NFT PFP collection created all on-chain in one transaction
  • Contract-generated art
  • Animated collection created all on-chain in one collection
  • Animated art
  • Metadata, describing traits, stored on-chain with images stored on IPFS
  • Art created by Academy-nominated artists over 9+ months
Learn more about each collection here, and tips to shop for your first OCM NFT here.

Join the OCM Community

Stay tuned on the latest OCM news, events and more in our official Discord server and official Twitter account. Join the OCM Community on both these social media platforms.


OCM Bananas

🍌 Bananas are fungible tokens of the OCM community. Currently off-chain, Bananas can be earned through Discord and Twitter. Merch, OCM NFTs, allowlists, and other benefits can be purchased or bid on using Bananas. Learn more about Bananas and how to earn them here.
Banana earning multiplier is coming soon!
 2x ... 6x
Bananas! Learn more here >
OCM Missions
Missions connect all aspects of the current and future OCM Monkeyverse.
They help our community make impactful contributions virtually and in-person. Missions bring unique features that help you earn, connect, explore, and do even more with your Genesis and Karma monkeys.
OCM DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) allows the community to vote on proposals in order to help direct the funds of our Community Wallet. This includes funding Web3/NFT project proposals from both within and outside of the OCM community.

More about Metagood, the company behind OCM: