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Buying My First OCM NFT

We’re so excited to help you purchase your first OnChainMonkey (OCM) NFT! And, soon, welcoming you into our OCM family.
There are two main ways of purchasing an OCM NFT - from a marketplace that accepts credit cards or one that accepts the cryptocurrency Ethereum from a crypto wallet. The former is a faster first shopping experience. Keep in mind that you’ll want to set up the latter (a crypto wallet with cryptocurrency) at some point. We’ll walk you through both methods.

5-Steps to Buying Your First OCM NFT

OCM has two NFT collections (Genesis and Karma) available for purchase on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, Nifty Gateway, and many others. OpenSea and Nifty Gateway are the two main marketplaces.
Genesis is our original collection, the first on-chain NFT of its kind. Karma is a great entry collection into the OCM family. Both collections are your passport into the ultimate digital nation.
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    Visit our website galleries under “Gallery”: * OCM Karma collection: https://onchainmonkey.com/gallery/ocm-karma * OCM Genesis collection: https://onchainmonkey.com/gallery/ocm-genesis
  2. 2.
    Select Buy Now under the “Monkey Status” category on the left search panel.
  3. 3.
    Select the Genesis / Karma monkey you’re interested in. * Need help finding which Genesis and/or Karma is right for you?
  4. 4.
    On the monkey’s details page, select the marketplace that it is listed on for purchase. Both Genesis and Karma NFTs are available for purchase on these marketplaces. * Nifty Gateway - for purchase by credit card * OpenSea - for purchase by Ethereum
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    Welcome to the OCM family! Tag @OnChainMonkey in a tweet to show off your #NewProfilePic.
Always refer to official marketplace links from the OCM website under “Buy NFTs”, or OCM Discord #official-links.

Meet the OCM Community on Twitter & Discord

Twitter and Discord are essential communication platforms for NFT collections and communities, individual NFT collectors/members, and Web3 news and knowledge.
Twitter is primarily used to stay on top of announcements, news and offerings, whereas Discord includes all of this, plus community engagement at a more intimate community level.
Follow our official OCM Twitter account, @OnChainMonkey
Accept OCM Discord server invite link, https://discord.gg/ocm
Tweet and retweet OCM Twitter news. #monkeyfollowmonkey
buy an OCM NFT
buy an OCM NFT
Join OCM Discord, and signup for the Howler role in Discord channel #get-community-roles for all the latest OCM Twitter updates.
See Discord 101: Discord for Beginners on navigating Discord's common features.

Which OCM Genesis and Karma NFTs are right for you?

For additional details on each of the OCM collections, please refer to the OCM website and specific OCM Wiki sections.
New for Q1 2023: More monkeys = more chances to win! Tiers for upcoming 2023 drop of OCM x Alexis André, creator of Friendship Bracelets: -- Tier 1: All mints are airdropped -- Tier 2: Highest mint allocation, guaranteed mint for each set -- Tier 3 and Tier 4: Lesser mint allocation with opportunity to win minting spots. -- Learn more about Alexis André >
Always refer to official NFT project and collection links.
You can find our official OCM links posted on our website, official Twitter page and OCM Discord #official-linkschannel.

Benefits of Joining the OCM Discord

Join the monkey business in the OCM Discord as a:
OCM Discord Member (Non-Holder)
OCM Discord Verified Holder
not a verified OCM owner/holder in Discord
verified owner/holder of at least one OCM token/monkey
+ valued member of our amazing OCM Discord Community
+ valued member of our amazing OCM Discord Community
+ access to general OCM Discord server channels
+ access to all OCM Discord server channels, including holder-exclusive ones

What is DYOR?

DYOR stands for Do Your Own Research. It is both an important and kind reminder that between all the fun of NFT collections, purchasing NFTs are equivalent to purchasing assets.
Basic NFT project/collection platforms to DYOR:
Additional DYOR sources:
Always refer to official NFT project and collection links.
You can find our official OCM links posted on our website, official Twitter page and OCM Discord #official-linkschannel.