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Discord for Beginners

What is Discord?

Discord is a communication service - a place to chat, talk and hangout with your community of NFT enthusiasts, gamers and friends. It is similar to joining an iMessage/WhatsApp/Telegram/Facebook group but with wider engagement capabilities from messaging, voice channels to video and games.
Typically, each NFT project has its own server (community) on Discord. Joining a Discord server first requires creating a Discord login, then accepting a specific server's Discord invite like OCM's Discord server invite.

Setting Up Your Discord Login/Account

Here are some useful links to setting up your Discord login/account:
Now that your Discord login/account is setup, let's join the OCM Discord server.
  • If you’re new to Discord and fail to receive the OCM Discord invite, check that you’ve verified your email address with Discord by confirming their “Verify Email Address for Discord” email.
  • Using Discord on the desktop to initially familiarize with its functionalities can be a helpful ramp-up to using the Discord app on a mobile device.
  • If the Discord app unexpectedly crashes or behaves negatively, try the following:
    • Logout and log back into Discord.
    • Restart your desktop or mobile device.
    • Ensure your mobile Discord app is the latest version.
    • Ensure your desktop or mobile operating system (OS) is running the latest version.

Join the OCM Discord

Always ensure your Discord server invite link is to a project's official Discord server.
  • Links to official Discords are listed on a project's official website, official Twitter page and/or verified marketplace accounts like OpenSea.
  1. 1.
    Click to accept OCM's official Discord server invite link: https://discord.gg/ocm
    • If you haven't installed the Discord app on your desktop or mobile, accepting the invite will prompt you to install and join Discord before joining OCM's Discord server. This means you need to first create your Discord profile, then join OCM's Discord server to become an OCM (Discord) member.
  2. 2.
    Accepting your OCM Discord invite will lead you to the OCM Discord server as a New OCM Member.
  3. 3.
    Please read and agree to the OCM Discord rules.
  4. 4.
    React to the MEE6 Bot message in the #verify channel.
    • This will change your OCM Discord user status to Verified OCM Member.
    • The #verify channel should no longer be visible.
    • Your Discord username will now be in white instead of grey.
    • Clicking on your Discord username should display the Verified role.
As a Verified OCM Member (on Discord), it means you completed the OCM Discord server invitation steps above. You should now have access to basic channels like:
  • #✅get-holder-roles, #get-community-roles
  • #📣announcements, #misc-announcements, #weekly-highlights
  • #official-links, #faq-and-resources
  • #🌎general
  • #🛠ask-for-help
If you purchased an OCM NFT/token, head over to #✅get-holder-roles to verify your OCM NFT ownership and become a Verified OCM Holder.
  • You'll need to first join as an OCM Member (Discord), then upgrade your Discord status to OCM Holder by verifying your OCM NFTs here.
  • As a Verified OCM Holder, it means you've successfully registered your OCM token(s) ownership on the OCM website, OCM Discord server, and now have access to holder-only channels.

Turning off Direct Messages (DMs)

Direct Messages are conversations outside of a public setting, outside of a Discord server. Occasionally, bad actors use Discord DMs to scam, phish, or socially engineer situations via Discord DMs.
For your security, we strongly recommend turning off your DMs in both Discord User Settings and per Discord server to limit exposure to potentially harmful links or phishing attempts.
Turn off DMs in Discord User Settings:
  1. 1.
    In User Settings, go to Privacy & Safety.
  2. 2.
    Toggle to the left to turn off Allow direct messages from server members. This setting is applied when you join a new server and does not retroactively apply to your existing servers.
Turn off DMs within a specific Discord server:
On desktop: Right-click the OnChainMonkey server name, select Privacy Settings and toggle to the left to turn off ‘Allow direct messages from server members.’
On mobile: Select the server that you want to modify; press and expand the horizontal kebab icon (…) then turn off ‘Allow Direct Messages’.

Pinned Messages

Pinned messages are similar to booking marking a message in a specific Discord channel, and accessible from the thumbtack icon at the top navigation bar. Note: Messages can only be pinned by Team and Moderators on OCM Discord.

Discord Threads

Threads are sub-conversations branched from a Discord channel. A drop-down menu of all active threads within each Discord channel can be found at the top navigation bar in the clickable hashtag (#) icon.
Join a Thread
  1. 1.
    Click the hashtag (#) icon located at the top navigation bar
  2. 2.
    Right-click the thread that you’re interested in joining and select Join Thread.
  3. 3.
    Once you have joined the thread, right-click on the thread again and go to Notification Settings to update your notification preferences.
You can also post a message in a thread to automatically join the thread.

Discord Forums

We are migrating some OCM Discord threads to Discord forums, a new Discord feature. Functionally, Discord forums is another chat space but it allows chats to be organized with less clutter, better visibility compared to the Discord threads, and focused search capabilities.

Customizing Channel Notifications

Each channel can have separate notification settings customized to your preference. To customize notifications for specific Discord channels, right-click on the channel of interest and select Notification Settings.

Turning on Developer Mode

Each Discord profile is identified by their Discord Username (e.g. misskeeneye#6688) and Discord User ID (18-digit ID, ex. 981928333984757183).
To help Moderators take action against bad actors on Discord, we may ask for the bad actor’s Discord Username and User ID. Usernames are easy to locate, but modifiable by a bad actor. However, the User ID is static and cannot be changed, but only visible in Discord Developer Mode.
Developer Mode is activated in User Settings > Advanced (under section, App Settings) > Developer Mode. Toggle this setting to the right to turn on Developer Mode.
After activating Developer Mode, right-click on a Discord Username and select Copy ID, to copy a Discord member’s User ID.