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OCM Karma

What is Karma?

Karma is our neweest OnChainMonkey membership NFT, launched on June 29, 2022.
  • By the team of crypto OGs who have been building in crypto since the early days. We founded one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges and first block explorers. Our investors include the creators of Litecoin, CryptoKitties, Etherscan, Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, YGG, Unicorn DAO, Memeland, Twitch, Rotten Tomatoes, Kabam, Crunchyroll, and more. See the Team and Investors.
  • Created by our Academy Award-nominated art team over a period of 9+ months. They were the lead animators of Ice Age, Rio, and Ferdinand.

What are the benefits for holding a Karma?

Same incredible benefits as OCM Genesis holders, including:
  • Membership into the OnChainMonkey community, with a strong network of successful founders and investors in web2 and web3.
  • Governance in DAO, funding web3 and community projects.
  • Equal vote in the OCM DAO as an OCM Genesis holder.
  • Access to our Banana ecosystem that benefits holders.
  • Virtual and IRL community events - like private events with our notable community. Past events included those with Woody Harrelson, Owen Wilson, Charlie Lee, Deepak Chopra.
  • Access to the Monkeyverse, and going on Monkey Missions

How can I get Karma?

There are two ways to get Karma:
  • On Secondary Marketplaces:
    • purchasing a Karma from secondary marketplaces, like OpenSea and Nifty Gateway
    • purchasing a Genesis and a Dessert on secondary markets, and feeding your Dessert to your Genesis to create a new Karma
    • feeding a Dessert token to your Genesis to create a Karma

What is the supply and tokenomics?

Karma will be up to 20,000 NFTs distributed in two groups:
  • Karma Public Mint: 9,000 were available for sale (now sold out), 1,000 reserved by Metagood
  • Karma Claim: up to 10,000 Karma from Genesis eating Desserts, if all Desserts are eaten
To learn more about the Karma NFT distribution, click here.

What is the difference between Karma Mint and Karma Claim?

Both the Karma Public Mint and Karma Claim was on June 29, 2022.
Karma Public Mint -- now available for purchase on marketplaces -- Accessible to everyone, Genesis holders and non-holders -- Mint price/fee (0.5 ETH) + gas fee
Karma Claim -- Dessert eating -- Only accessible to Genesis holders with OCM Dessert -- Gas fee; Karma NFT claim by OCM Genesis NFT eating/using/burning a OCM Dessert NFT -- Fee is 0.03 ETH to the DAO for each Dessert eaten/used/burned; no fee for 20 Desserts eaten if you hold an Early Claim Ticket
Karma K1, K2 and K3 distributions differ between the Karma Mint and Karma Claim groups. Please see the Karma mint and claim distribution info here.

Which Karmas were created from Genesis eating Desserts?

The hint is in the Karma token IDs:
  • Karma ID # 1-10000 = minted Karma
  • Karma ID #10001+ = Karma created from a Genesis eating a D1 Incredible Ice Pop Dessert
  • Karma ID #20001+ = Karma created from a Genesis eating a D2 Divine Donut Dessert
Ex. Genesis #9196 + D1 --> Karma #19196, and Genesis #9196 + D2 -->Karma #29196

Which blockchain will Karma reside on?

The Karma collection will be tradable on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-721).

Is Karma all on-chain?

All of Karma’s metadata, describing traits, is stored on-chain. The images themselves are stored on IPFS.

What is the Karma NFT contract address?

Verify across multiple sources - Discord, Twitter, OCM website. Do not trust Discord as the only source.

When will the Karma3 be revealed?

K3 in the public mint will be revealed by a scheduled online party each time. Stay tuned!
July 1, 2022 - Karma Reveal & Desserts Eating Party where the OCM Community celebrated a successfuly mint and gathered for the random roll to reveal everyone's Karma. We all found out at the same time who got a K1 Gold fur, K2 Dragon fur or an extremely rare one-of-one K3!
Aligning with our values of Respect and Integrity, minted Karma NFTs were deployed with a commit-reveal scheme, in a provably fair manner, and on-chain. Like our Desserts draw, drawing of minted Karmas was also randomized and powered by Chainlink VRF.

Who are the artists behind the Karma collection?

The Karma collection started from our community going bananas over one of our legendary holder’s stellar derivative of his own Genesis back in late Sep. 2021. This wild reaction was the catalyst for these Academy Award-nominated artists (who are also community members) to join Metagood in creating the Karma collection.
Our team of incredibly talented artists (behind movies you’ve all seen, and with Academy Award nominations to their credit), have worked tirelessly to create the artistic and thoughtful details of Karma.
To name a couple of artists from our amazing Art Team:
  • Lead artist for Karma, Academy Award Nominee, Drew Winey
  • Jeff Gabor, winner of Annie Award, the top award in animation
  • Matthew Doble, former Supervising Animator at DNEG and Blue Sky Studios
Jeff Gabor
Matthew Doble

How is the Genesis collection different from the Karma collection?

  • OCM Genesis is a collection of 10,000 NFTs, launched September 2021.
  • OCM Karma is a collection of up to 20,000 NFTs, launched June 2022.
3 Levels of OCM Membership
Genesis + Karma holder
Genesis holder
Karma holder
More details available on our OCM website: