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OCM Dessert

What is a Dessert?

An OCM Dessert is a tradable ERC-1155 token required to create a Karma.
To create a Karma, a Genesis is required to eat a Dessert. 1 Genesis NFT + 1 Dessert NFT creates 1 Karma NFT and burns the Dessert NFT
There are 10,000 Dessert tokens, and three types of Desserts of varying rarity:
  • Incredible Ice Pop D1 - most common ~55%
  • Divine Donut D2 - less common ~45%
  • Celestial Cake D3 - ultra rare and most prized, only 15
True to our on-chain tradition, the animated Desserts are also on-chain and its entire collection was created in one Ethereum transaction. So, on-chain Genesis are fed on-chain Desserts!
D1 Incredible Ice Pop, D2 Divine Donut and D3 Celestial Cake

How can I get a Dessert?

OCM Dessert was airdropped to OCM Genesis holders at launch on Feb. 11, 2022. The Dessert collection is only available on secondary marketplaces now.
Always refer to official project and collection marketplace links.
You can find our official OCM links posted on our website, official Twitter page and OCM Discord #official-linkschannel.

What are the benefits for getting a Dessert?

Feed your Genesis a Dessert. Mint/Claim its Karma. Build towards an OCM Set.
New for Q1 2023: More monkeys = more chances to win!
  • Hold an OCM Genesis and get a chance to mint the next major work by Alexis André, creator of Friendship Bracelets, on the the top traded NFTs on OpenSea (Tier 3).
  • Hold an OCM Set (a Genesis + any Incredible Karma K1 + any Divine Karma K2) and get a guaranteed mint spot (Tier 2).
Tiers for upcoming 2023 drop of OCM x Alexis André, creator of Friendship Bracelets: -- Tier 1: Celestial Cake & Celestial Karma - All mints are airdropped -- Tier 2: Highest mint allocation, guaranteed mint for each OCM Set -- Tier 3 and Tier 4: Lesser mint allocation with opportunity to win minting spots. -- Learn more about Alexis André >

Can I claim a Karma without feeding a Dessert to a Genesis?

A Genesis must be fed a Dessert to mint/claim its Karma(s) - K1, K2 and/or K3.
Regardless of the Genesis holder, a Genesis can only be fed one Dessert of EACH type to claim the respective Karma. Dessert type feeding can be in any order (eg. D3, D1 then D2).
Ex. Assume holder "Mike" is the owner of Genesis #3, and Desserts D1: If "Mike" claims Karma using a D1: Genesis #3 + D1 --> Karma K1 Then "Mike" will: * continue to hold Genesis #3 (unaltered) * burned Dessert D1 token * minted/claimed and now holding a Karma K1 with traits evolved from Genesis #3 Assume "Mary" is now the new holder of Genesis #3, and has Desserts D1, D2 and D3: If "Mary" claims another Karma using a D3: Genesis #3 + D3 --> one-of-one-Karma K3 Then "Mary" will: * continue to hold Genesis #3 (unaltered) * burned Dessert D3 token * claimed a one-of-one unique Karma K3 art
Recall that a Genesis can only be fed one Dessert of EACH type, where Desserts can be fed in any order - eg. D3, D1 then D2.
If "Mary" claims Karma: Genesis #3 + D2 --> Karma K2 Then "Mary" will: * continue to hold Genesis #3 (unaltered) * burned Dessert D2 token * claimed a Karma K2 with traits further evolved from Genesis #3
Because Genesis #3 already consumed Dessert D1, it means the respective Karma K1 to Genesis #3 has already been minted. In other words, holder "Mary" cannot feed Genesis #3 a D1 because previous holder "Mike" already did.
OCM Full Set: Genesis #9196 eats a D1 to create a K1 Karma #19196, and eats a D2 to create a K2 Karma #29196. Both the eaten D1 and D2 are burned when the K1 and K2 are created/minted, respectively. [image credit to OCM community member, HeavyD]

What does it mean to burn a Dessert?

Burning a Dessert means the token is no longer tradable and cannot be fed to a Genesis.
Ex. Assume holder "Mike" is the owner of Genesis #3 and Dessert D1: If "Mike" claims Karma using a D1: Genesis #3 + D1 --> Karma K1 Then "Mike" will: * continue to hold Genesis #3 (unaltered) * burned Dessert D1 token * claimed and now holding a Karma K1 with traits evolved from Genesis #3
The burned Dessert D1 token is no longer tradable, cannot be fed to a Genesis, and no longer owned by holder "Mike". Although the burned D1 is still part of the 10K OCM Desserts collection, the supply of tradable D1 Incredible Ice Pops is now minus 1.

What does the Dessert collection look like?

OCM Dessert trailer

When were OCM Desserts airdropped?

Snapshot for OCM Dessert was taken at block 14116777, roughly Feb. 1, 2022 at 12:00am UTC. OCM Desserts were airdropped directly to Genesis holder snapshot wallets on Feb. 11, 2022 at around 10:00am UTC.
If you owned a Genesis and it was in your wallet at the time of our snapshot, your wallet was airdropped one OCM Dessert NFT per one OCM Genesis NFT that was held in the wallet. Ex. If you held 5 OCM Genesis NFTs at the time of the snapshot, you were be airdropped 5 OCM Dessert NFTs.
Links to our Desserts smart contact, VRF Desserts Drawing smart contact and official OpenSea OCM Desserts collection are also detailed in: https://news.onchainmonkey.com/2022/02/10/onchainmonkey-desserts-are-here-now-what/
Feb. 5, 2022 - Snapshot list of Genesis wallets (OCM Genesis #, wallet address): https://raw.githubusercontent.com/metagood/OnChainMonkeyData/main/DessertSnapshot/snapshot.csv
Feb. 11, 2022 - Desserts Reveal Party where the OCM Community gathered for the randomized drawing of our Desserts collection. Drawing of Desserts was randomized and powered by Chainlink VRF: https://news.onchainmonkey.com/2022/02/10/onchainmonkey-ocm-integrates-chainlink-vrf-to-help-power-dessert-airdrop-for-ocm-karma/ See which Genesis monkeys got which desserts (OCM Genesis #, Dessert type - D1/D2/D3): https://github.com/metagood/OnChainMonkeyData/blob/main/DessertSnapshot/dessert-draw.csv

How can I see my Desserts?

You can see your Dessert token(s) from:
  • OpenSea ... and/or
  • your wallet - depending on whether it natively displays ERC-1155 tokens (If your wallet does not, no need to panic. You can confirm ownership via Etherscan which will reflect all of the data, which is fully on the Ethereum blockchain.)
If viewing your Dessert tokens from MetaMask, we recommend viewing and accessing them from MetaMask desktop, instead of MetaMask mobile to stay NFT safe and secure.

Stacked Desserts? What does this mean?

OCM Desserts are ERC-1155 tokens, which means the Dessert tokens will appear stacked in your OpenSea wallet view. In other words, if you have multiple Dessert tokens of one type, you will only see one Dessert token image with more than one in quantity.
Ex. This wallet has 2 x D2 Divine Donut and 1 x D1 Incredible Ice Pop.
To view your Desserts on your OpenSea account, "Collected" section: * on desktop - the view will show the quantity under each Dessert type held * on mobile - you'll need to first log into your OpenSea profile to see the same view
OpenSea desktop view, "Collected" section of an account
OpenSea mobile view, "Collected" section of an account without login
Alternatively, you can go to your OpenSea account and navigate to "Activity" to view the quantity of each Dessert type your wallet currently holds.
OpenSea desktop view, "Activity" section of an account
If you're viewing from a mobile device, expand the +More link for each Dessert type to view the quantity of each.
OpenSea mobile view, "Activity" section of an account