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Unlink Your Accounts from OCM Monkeyverse website

  1. 1.
    Connect to your OCM Monkeyverse website account, and click the Account Settings drop-down located in the top right corner.
2. On the Account Settings page, "Unlink" a specific account individually, or select "Unlink All Accounts" to unlink all connected Twitter, Discord and wallet(s) accounts at once.
3. Click OK to confirm the account(s) being unlinked.
4. Manually disconnect the OCM website from your wallet's list of Connected Sites for each connected wallet.
  • For MetaMask users, refer to the guide here on disconnecting sites from your wallet.
Here, the holder's accounts are all unlinked from the OCM website. Their wallet (named Ledger1) is still connected to the OCM website. This holder will need to manually disconnect onchainmonkey.com from their wallet.
Make sure to reconnect/relink your disconnected Ethereum wallet (containing your OCM tokens/assets), Twitter and Discord accounts to continue earning OCM holder rewards and benefits, like Bananas and merch.