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Making OCM Your New PFP

Show off your favorite OCM as your new profile picture (PFP) on Twitter and Discord!
Let's start by downloading your OCM image, then changing your social media PFPs and profile banners.

Download Your OCM Image

There are 2 ways to "download" your favorite OCM image:
  1. 2.
    Take a screenshot of your OCM NFT from your wallet view (e.g. OpenSea profile).
Although both methods are suitable, we recommend going with the first method and downloading your OCM images for best image quality and resolution.

How Can I Save My OCM Monkey Image?

Because the OCM Genesis collection was created entirely onchain in one Ethereum transaction, its images are special, and composed of SVG image files instead of PNG/JPEGs. SVG image files are very small and vector based, so they look good zoomed in or zoomed out, and are viewable in any browser. However, Genesis images cannot simply be downloaded and saved like typical PNG/JPEG image files to upload and update your social media PFPs.
  • For Genesis holders: 2 image formats of your Genesis available for download - SVG and PNG
  • For Karma holders: PNG image format of your Karma is available
  1. 1.
    Navigate to the Genesis Gallery or Karma Gallery.
2. Enter your Genesis or Karma monkey/token ID in the left search panel.
  • PNG image files are needed for uploading PFPs to social media accounts, sharing in a tweet, and pasting in a document or email.
  • SVG image files are most suitable for high-resolution quality printing, like custom printing a t-shirt with your Genesis/Karma image.

To save your Genesis or Karma monkey's PNG image file:

3. Right-click on the monkey image, and select Save Image As.
4. This will save the Portable Network Graphic (.PNG) image file of your monkey to your local desktop Downloads folder or mobile Photos folder.
OCM Karma images are not in SVG format. Higher resolution images of them will be made available in the future.

To save your Genesis monkey's SVG file:

3. Scroll down to the Marketplaces section, and click View On OpenSea.
4. In OpenSea's OnChainMonkey collection, right-click on the monkey image, and select Save Image As. The file format saved here is Scalable Vector Graphics (.SVG).

Let’s update your social media PFPs!

Logo twitter-tiny.PNG
Changing Your Twitter PFP
Logo discord-tiny.PNG
Changing Your Discord PFP