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OCM Licensing

What can I do with my OCM?

Summary of Commercial Rights
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    You can make derivatives for personal use and display, for example, to display as your profile picture or to hang art in your home.
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    If you want to use your OCM for "Commercial Purposes," meaning you are creating, selling, and marketing physical goods, tangible or intangible media, such as merch or video games, etc. Then you only have the license to use your own OCM for these commercial purposes, which is the particular combination of traits, features, and colors of your specific OCM.
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    You are NOT permitted to make derivative works for "Commercial Purposes," because the Core Art for the OCM collection as a whole is retained by Metagood.
Note: From time-to-time, Metagood does partner with official vendors where we will give permission to use the OCM logo to sell merchandise, build a video game, etc.
Full documentation on commercial rights is provided on our website. Please see the OnChainMonkey Purchase and License Agreement for details.

OCM License vs. CC0

A great thread on the differences between OCM license for Genesis and Karma NFT holders and CC0: